Contact Us

    Belridge Water Storage District
    Physical and Mailing Address:
    21908 Seventh Standard Road
    McKittrick, CA 93251
    Phone: (661) 762-7316
    Fax: (661) 762-7223

    Financial Department Address:
    5555 California Ave, Suite 209
    Bakersfield, CA 93309
    Phone: (661) 633-9022

    BWSD Staff

    Mark Gilkey, Manager
    Mary King, Assistant to the General Manager
    Gnell Sparks, Controller
    Kim Constant, Administrative Assistant
    Tami Pensinger, Staff Accountant
    Morgan Mitchell, Resource Analyst
    Jamie Marquez, Resource Specialist

    Operations & Maintenance:
    Oscar Mello, Operations & Maintenance Supervisor
    Emilio Villagran, Water Tender
    Ben Horton, Water Tender
    Jesse Orona, Water Tender

    Legal Counsel:
    Joseph D. Hughes, Legal Counsel

    Individual email addresses are available upon request.